3 Ways For Small Businesses To Market Without Breaking The Bank

As a small business, you likely do not have a large marketing budget, which can make it harder to compete with other businesses. There are ways you can market your business without unnecessary spending. 1. Start With A Small Website A website is a necessity to market yourself online, but it is important to have goals that make sense for smaller businesses. If you want an elaborate website, you will need to pay a professional, so it looks appealing to customers and has the right features to increase your visibility on search engines. [Read More]

3 Tips To Give Your Wordpress A Boost In Speed

Speed is a very important factor in many aspects of life, and it is no different when it comes to your WordPress website. With a fast-loading website, you will be able to increase page views, improve the overall user experience and advance your SEO efforts. Here are three tips to help optimize the speed of your WP site. Tip #1: Set Your Website to Show Excerpts On your homepage as well as in your archives, WordPress is set to automatically show each article in its full entirety. [Read More]

How To Market Your Law Firm To Small Buisnesses

Fraud cases abound for small businesses, and this is a fact that your law firm can take advantage of by using your company's blog to market yourself as the go-to firm for dealing with these cases. However, before you do this, you should be prepared to give your clients valuable information that makes them see that you know exactly how to help them. Here are a few things you can post about on your website to help alert and teach businesses about dealing with fraud. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Holding An Annual Legal Marketing Retreat

Marketing is extremely important to law firms and legal services. Lawyers don't have the same opportunities to retain their clients like other businesses do. As such, they need to constantly be on the hunt for new clients in order to stay in business and remain profitable. Retreats for legal marketing services offer many benefits to law firms and legal services looking to improve their marketing services. Having a retreat annually also offers many benefits. [Read More]