Getting Your Name Out There

Why You Should Still Include Targeted TV Advertising As Part Of Your Campaign

Online advertising has completely revolutionized the industry to the point where a lot of companies spend their entire advertising budgets online. It is easy to see why this is, as many services offer you a very in-depth look into the analytics of who you reached and how effective your dollars were. However, TV advertising has gotten a lot more refined in the past few decades as well, and if you count it out completely, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Here are a few reasons why you should include at least some targeted TV advertising in your forecast. 

More Views In One Go 

One of the reasons why TV advertising was and still is so popular is that it can offer you a far greater audience in one go than online advertising could hope to achieve in a much longer timeframe. Many events still draw quite good TV audiences and in local markets, you can get onto these broadcasts with your ads for a very decent price. Whether that be during primetime TV shows or during one of the many sporting events from basketball to football and everything in between, TV can still give you exposure online advertising cannot. 

Legitimize Your Company

A lot of people still are quite wary when it comes to online advertising because virtually anyone can use it. Many people see quite dodgy companies advertising online, from shady drug offers to deals that seem too good to be true (and often are). TV advertising, on the other hand, at least has some moderation when it comes to what they will allow on the air, and so many people trust it more than they would an online ad. This can help legitimize your company in the eyes of the public and make them more trusting than if they had just seen an online ad.

Targeted Ads Can Work Wonders

Another reason why TV advertising is so useful is that it is easy to target certain audiences, particularly in terms of geography. Most companies still want to primarily reach an audience that is within a certain geographic range of their business, otherwise, they know people won't travel that far. Targeted TV advertising gives you the chance to not only pick the program you advertise on (so you can choose one that people you want to reach are watching) but also allows you to get in front of an audience who can physically go to your store.