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5 Points To Consider When Choosing An Auto Dealership Video Creation Platform

How we buy and sell cars has changed dramatically. In just the last few years, people have gone from driving from dealership to dealership every Saturday to looking for the perfect car from the comfort of their own homes while online. You need to be able to compete and an auto dealership video creation platform can help. There are a few things that you need to consider before choosing which platform works best for you, however. 

1. Long-form content

You want to be able to create long-form content. This simply means that you want to create longer videos, not just a ten-second snippet. Long-form content for car dealerships is typically 360-degree walk-throughs of cars you have for sale. They may also be a video of one of your salespeople explaining the correct way to use anti-lock brakes in the snow. Your platform of choice needs to be able to help you both create and edit long-form content easily.

2. Short-form content

Short-form content is a quick snippet of a new sports car that you post to any one of your social media accounts. It is something that can whet the appetite of your customers and get them to click on your link, like your post, or otherwise interact with you on social media. 

3. Consistent branding

When choosing a video creation platform for your car dealership, you want a platform that offers a professional look for your video content and the ability to have branding consistent with the rest of your marketing. This means that you should be able to add your logo, company slogan, and even color scheme to your videos to create a consistent look between your offline and online marketing. 

4. Ability to go live

While you may not want to go live on your social media channels right away, having the ability to go live is an important factor when choosing an auto dealership video creation platform. As you get more comfortable with video content, you will want the ability to go live during special events and sales. 

5. Lead capture

Another important feature that your platform of choice needs is lead capture. Every salesperson knows that leads drive sales, and the same concept applies to video creation. Choose a platform with a lead capture solution that works for you and your team. 

Reach out to an auto dealership video creation platform to learn more about what your options are.