Getting Your Name Out There

How StoryBrand SEO Services Helps Drive More Foot Traffic to Your Business

Are you looking for ways to increase walk-in customers to your mortar and brick shop? You can start by targeting the people doing "near me" searches. Google tries to make search results more relevant by showing businesses near the search engine user. Local search engine optimization (SEO) makes your brand rank higher and appear in these top local business listings. How can StoryBrand SEO services improve your local listings rank and drive more foot traffic to your business?

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Your brand must appear in the top five search engine results. Most search engine users will rarely go beyond the first page of search results. Users also trust non-paid results because the reasoning is that these non-paid top results have built more credibility and authority.

Local SEO tactics place your brand on the first page and aim to be in the top five spots. It attracts more web traffic, converting to foot traffic when the user realizes your brand is within walking distance.

Attract Quality Web traffic

Local SEO aims to raise your search engine ranks and attract web traffic users who are easy to convert into buying customers. This kind of traffic is of high quality. Online marketing services help your brand appear to people in the locality and convince them to visit your business. Local SEO pulls in high-quality traffic because someone doing a "near me" search has a higher buying intention. They are easy to convince to walk into your business and make a purchase.

Raise Brand Authority and Trust

Appearing in the top Google rankings raises trust level in your business because users assume it has been somehow vetted. Local SEO also works to make more backlinks to your business from other brands that rank high in your area. It raises your brand's authority and makes your brand appear more credible. As a result, people are more comfortable visiting your business in person and making a purchase.

Grow Return Customers

StoryBrand SEO services help cross the first hurdle, attracting web traffic and convincing people to come to your shop in person. Then, after walking into your shop, you can deploy different customer service tactics to ensure your customers come back. A good SEO strategy aims to grow business. If you have a mortar and brick store, doing local SEO is critical because it touches base with people who have a clear buying intention. These return customers also become your brand ambassadors.

Are you looking to raise your engine rankings and attract more traffic? Talk to an online marketer about local SEO.