Getting Your Name Out There

How Involved Does SEO Work Get?

Particularly for customers who are just getting started with SEO services, the field of search engine optimization can seem to cover an endless amount of territory. You'd be right to wonder just how involved SEO work can get, so take a look at what might determine how much your project will cover.


A lot of the extent of an SEO effort will be determined by the client's goals. If you're looking to dominate the first page of search results for many highly competitive keywords, you can expect to put in years' worth of work. Even if you attain that lofty of a goal, you can also expect to spend more years fighting to hold down the top spot.

Current State of Your SEO Efforts

Where you're starting will also dictate how involved the project will become. Do you have a site? Are you active on social media? Have you developed any content that can be used to build a blog? If you sell products or services on your site, have you developed any accompanying marketing copy?

Notably, an established web presence can be either a curse or a blessing. An established site may have already done damage, and an SEO services firm might have to undo some of it before taking more affirmative steps.

Technical Hurdles

While many people rightly focus on the content side of optimizing sites for search, there are technical components, too. Page loading time, for example, is a technical element of a site that determines how well it ranks in a search. If your site is running on a slow server, you may confront some upgrade issues as your project moves forward. You'll also have to make sure your site works properly on a wide range of devices, a job that often requires quite of bit of coding.

Data Collection and Analysis

Modern SEO services incorporate a great deal of analysis. This means you'll need to deploy analytics software to collect data. You can use tools like web server logs and third-party packages to get data as people visit your site.

Once you have sufficient data to learn something from, the SEO company will conduct an analysis. They can identify demographic groups that might be most receptive to your marketing efforts. Likewise, the analysis may help you hunt down some of the technical problems your site has. You'll also get a better look at which keywords appear to drive traffic to your site.