Getting Your Name Out There

Features to Include in Your Restaurant's Website Design

Many restaurant patrons will visit you without doing any advanced research. For example, they might see your sign while driving or walking past, and then decide to enter for a meal. Others will attempt to learn about you before visiting, and they'll do so through various online methods. In addition to reading review sites, online browsers will also thoroughly evaluate your website to get a sense of your establishment.

A lot of restaurant owners understand that it's important to list their menus on their websites, but may not know what other website features are valuable. If you're reworking your site with web design services, make sure that these features are present.

1. Your Story

Don't hesitate to include a page that you can use to tell your story. This is a page that will interest many of the people who visit the site, and your story may help to encourage them to visit you. For example, perhaps you're a third-generation restaurant owner who is currently running the establishment that your grandparent opened many decades earlier. A write-up about the history of the restaurant, as well as a handful of photos from different eras, will be interesting to your website visitors.

2. Online Reservations

If your eatery is the type at which reservations are ideal, you want to offer your website visitors this functionality. Some people won't want to take the time to call your restaurant to make a reservation. Instead, they'd rather do so online. Your web designer can include a reservation widget in a place of prominence — perhaps on the side of the home page or on its own page entirely. This function will allow people to choose their date, time, the number of guests, and how to receive email reminders as the date approaches.

3. Virtual Tour

Another feature to consider including on your restaurant's website is virtual tours. This is especially true if your restaurant has a unique theme, elaborate decorations, or a number of different rooms. Prospective guests will enjoy using this function to virtually walk through the establishment to get a feel for how it looks and feels. Those who are planning to make reservations for large parties may especially enjoy evaluating the space to ensure it will be suitable.

As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses of all sizes, an online presence is important. For more inspiration on which features should make it on your website, talk with web design services.