Getting Your Name Out There

Improving Your SEO For Better Rankings

Every business has the goal of improving their ranking in search engines, but it is not easy with endless competition. Using some common tactics may not help you achieve the top slot, but can increase your chances of improving your ranking.

Focus On Mobile

Since search engines place a higher priority on the mobile version of your website, it makes sense to invest more time and effort into making sure your website works well for the mobile audience. Do not make a separate website for mobile, just make your current website responsive, then change the design to also be responsive. A responsive website does not automatically mean your menus, text, and other features suddenly function well on smaller screens. Generally, the design for a mobile view collapses and hides menus so they do not obstruct the body of the website. Pay attention to the speed of your website on mobile devices, since a slow response time can make your website take a hard hit in its rankings.

Have Relevant Information

The content on your website should contain relevant information to encourage visitors to stay on your website longer. Search engines base rankings on the history of people clicking on the results and how long they stay on the website. Make sure your content is appropriately labeled so when the web page appears in search engine results, it will be more appealing and people are more likely to click on your page. In addition to the content being relevant, your content should also be informative and useful to your audience so they will stay on the page or your website in general. This sends a message to search engines that your website content should rank higher compared to similar content.

Aim For Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the small amount of text you sometimes see at the top of search engine results that leads to a website. Your goal is to have some of your website content appear in the featured snippets, which is better than ranking in the first spot of results. To try and become a featured snippet, you will need to use online tools available that help you determine if your content is ranking for any keywords that also have snippets. Use this information to hone-in on the pages of content you will modify to increase the chances of appearing as a snippet. Most links that appear in a featured snippet start with a short paragraph of text that answers a question or is otherwise related to the targeted keyword. There is also the possibility of being featured for lists or tables, assuming your content is formatted appropriately.

Since SEO is always changing, you will need to adopt different strategies. Making simple changes to your website and content can improve your search engine rankings. Contact an SEO marketing service for more help.