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3 Types Of Software You Should Incorporate Into Your Business

Many small or mid-size businesses do not invest in software development to enhance their business. Making the investment in various types of customized software will give your customers a better experience, but may also improve the security of your website.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have increased in popularity as mobile phones become more instrumental in the day-to-day lives of the public. Many types of businesses can benefit from the development of mobile apps, especially since mobile users are less inclined to visit websites than their desktop counterparts. If your business is strictly ecommerce, the investment in a mobile app may not make sense. However, there are plenty of businesses where some form of interaction, either between the business and consumer, or consumer to consumer will be better in app form. For example, if your business revolves around crafting supplies, you might have a video library of different craft projects in addition to an online store and community forum. Your audience might be more likely to follow along with a tutorial and make a purchase through the app.

Web Applications

Web applications can take various forms, but you likely want to invest in a web application that has an advantage over other websites or makes the back end of your business easier. One example might be the layout and functionality of your online store. It is more common for large online retailers to have a sophisticated shopping experience than smaller to mid-sized business. Perhaps you want the available quantities of items to change as customers buy them or to show your audience recommended items based on their purchase history or what they are viewing at the time. These features can make your business look akin to large retailers and provide a better shopping experience.

Website Themes & Plug-Ins

Your business can also benefit from having a theme specifically customized for your business. Most businesses have a layout that is based on popular content management systems (CMS), but going the extra mile can improve security and help you develop a better website. For example, WordPress is the most commonly used CMS, but with its popularity also comes security threats. This CMS tends to be a frequent target for malicious activity. When you have a customized theme and plug-ins for your website, you can avoid some of these threats.

A common threat is hackers who try to break into your website through the admin panel. One strategy that might help is having the log-in page in an unusual location or otherwise hidden. When you can create your own themes and plug-ins for any CMS, you minimize vulnerabilities that may occur when they are no longer supported by the original developer or when you use programs that become a vulnerability because everyone has access to them.

Hiring a software developer, like those at Megastream, for your business not only gives you the opportunity to create different programs that can make your business stand out, but unique software can enhance security.