Getting Your Name Out There

How To Market Your Law Firm To Small Buisnesses

Fraud cases abound for small businesses, and this is a fact that your law firm can take advantage of by using your company's blog to market yourself as the go-to firm for dealing with these cases. However, before you do this, you should be prepared to give your clients valuable information that makes them see that you know exactly how to help them. Here are a few things you can post about on your website to help alert and teach businesses about dealing with fraud.

Alert Them To Various Types Of Theft

Create articles that teach small businesses to look out for several different types of theft. Some thefts you can alert them to are:

  • Tampering With Checks
  • Revenue Skimming
  • Fake Invoicing

Teach them what each type of theft entails and how to find out if they have been a victim of them.

Teach Businesses How To Collect Evidence

As an attorney, you know that to win any fraud case, guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.This means that you should create informative articles on your blog that teach businesses the correct way to gather evidence so that it is admissible in court.

Let business owners know that they should be prepared to dig deep and search computer files for hidden, deleted and encrypted messages. They should also be prepared to go over their accounts in detail. However, let them know that they should never collect this evidence on their own but ask for help from a forensic accountant and a Certified Computer Forensics Examiner. Recommend forensic professionals that they can use and give them contact information for these people on your blog.

Show Small Businesses How To Take Back Control

Show them in a blog post how to create a company policy that makes it abundantly clear that there will be zero tolerance for theft. Tell them how to implement more stringent monitoring of all financial aspects of their business.

Create A Call To Action

You can give businesses as much information as you want in your blog posts but if you do not give them a call to action at the end of your post, you may never garner their business. Your call to action should be phrases such as:

  • Contact us
  • Get in touch with us
  • Learn more

Create hyperlinks to your contact page using these phrases as anchor text to make contact more likely.

Marketing a law firm online is all about proving your expertise to a potential client. Giving informative and authoritative information through blog posts is the ideal way to prove your expertise. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.